PESHAWAR - The uproar mars Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly proceedings on Monday as the opposition members staged a protest in front of speaker dice over proroguing of the assembly session held on February 7, 2020.

Opposition Leader Akram Khan Durrani soon after recitation from the Holy Quran took the floor and alleged that the gov­ernment did not want to run the assem­bly proceedings as the session was pro­rogued on February 7 without any cogent reason.

Minister for Law and Parliamentary Af­fairs Sultan Muhammad Khan urged the opposition members to end their pro­test, saying that a lot of public money was spent over convening of the assembly ses­sion.

He said it was unfair to hold protests during the session and amounted to wast­age of time and money. He added the as­sembly proceedings run according to as­sembly rules and regulation and since no rules were violated, therefore, the opposi­tion was unjustified in holding the protest demonstration.

The opposition should first listen to the treasury benches before going for any demo, he said, adding that their reserva­tions would be addressed according to rules.

Earlier, Opposition Leader Akram Khan Durrani complained that the government was not taking interest in assembly busi­ness. He pointed that majority of the min­isters abstained from attending assembly session.

Durrani said the opposition would not allow the chair and the treasury members to speak during the session.

This practice would continue till indef­inite period until our reservations were addressed.

In the midst of the ruckus, the speaker adjourned the proceeding for 10 minutes.

Later, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Universities (2nd amendment) Bill 2020, KP Galyat Development Authority (amendment) Bill 2020, KP Stamp (amendment) Ordinance 2019, KP Finance (amendment) Ordi­nance 2019 were moved by Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Sultan Mu­hammad Khan, Kamran Bangash, Minister for Finance Taimoor Jhagra respectively.

The speaker adjourned the proceeding till 2pm today (Tuesday).