KARACHI-Zoya Nasir, a new talented actress, garnered a lot of recognition for her debut role in drama Hania. These days, we are seeing her in a different avatar in hit drama serial Deewangi, and she is making waves with her phenomenal performance in the serial.

Playing the character of Narmeen, a spoiled outspoken girl of a wealthy family, who is madly in love with her cousin Sultan, played by Danish Taimoor, Zoya brings life to this antagonist role.

Zoya completely justifies the character of Narmeen. Narmeen is a rich, demanding girl, who is used to having things her way and if she doesn’t, she plots and makes use of her power and money to get that. Currently, what she wants in her life is Sultan, who lovesNageen, played by Hiba Bukhari. Hence, she tries all possible ways to kick Nageen out of his life and stop the wedding between the two, even if it meant killing someone.

While she is at an early stage of her career, her spot-on expressions are impressive, and she brings all the shades and extremism of Narmeen’s character brilliantly on screen. Her role requires a lot of rage, emotions, violent behavior, and screaming, and she convincingly handles all of these.

In this episode, we saw Narmeen throwing a tantrum, and a few scenes later, Nageen was kidnapped, and Zoya was all calm and composed. We were also shown a woman figure in the room an unconscious Nageen was kept after being kidnapped, but the identity of the woman wasn’t revealed.

However, given what she did in the past to prevent Sultan from getting closer to Nageen, it may be possible that she was behind it. Also, the mid-dinner call that she receives and her calm attitude indicate that she might have a hand in the abduction of Nageen. Although Zoya did not have a lot of scenes in the latest episode, she made her presence felt with her on-point acting and expressions in that limited screen-time.

Deewangi is at an essential point with the kidnapping of Nageen, and Zoya has a lot in store for us in the upcoming episodes.