ISLAMABAD (APP) - The recently included recreational item of bike sports at the Rawal Lake Viewpark has proved a scintillating one especially for dare-devil souls who can feel its unique sensation running down right through their marrow and sending out shrieks of joy and sensation. A large number of families can be seen swarming the place especially designed to provide excitement, thrill and entertainment to both spectators and riders. A specific area in the entrance of the Park has been allocated encircled with iron fence where two and four wheels bikes move on serpentine tracks with ups and down to bring further thrill to the bike riders. The scenes of driving bikes also attract the passers by as a number of onlookers can be seen peeping from outside. The CDA deserves the credit for introduction of a number of entertaining items at Park, including mono-trains and bike sports, opined Musarat Abbas, a business man visiting Park with his family. We have at least got a taste of unique thrill associated with young age and hope further improvements in the facility will be made, Abdul Sattar Chaudhry, a student commented. The scenic and tranquility of the area attract a large number of people from all ages especially on weekends, the old finding a solace in the colourful natural environment, young laughing with excitement while performing stints with bikes, families dining out in the green, couples sitting near lake water with feet submerged in the tides, while others netting fish. A large number of people can also be seen queuing to have a ride in mono trains while some others to get their kids board on different swings and springboards.