ISLAMABAD (Online) - The practice of throwing rubbish on busy highways and motorways cause accidents and there is a dire need of awareness among drivers and passengers to avoid it. On motorways and highways, the traffic is usually running on a high speed and throwing of rubbish on road could create problems for the traffic as due to high speed it is not possible to control the vehicle if a glass bottle or can come under its wheels. It has been observed that the signboards inscribed with 'Keep Motorway Clean installed on motorways to avoid such type of incidents but commuters do not act upon it. Masud Ahmed Arif driving regularly said: If a polythene bag or rapper is thrown out of a window from any moving vehicle, it may stick to the windscreen of any other vehicle and can cause an accident. Another passenger said that some care could save any untoward incident, adding children should also be advised not to throw any thing outside of running vehicle.