KARACHI - Continuous use of prohibited nets and deep sea trawling have caused a massive reduction in fish stock in Sindh waters. The fishermen and experts have stressed the need for effective rules and its implementation to control the use of prohibited nets like that of the Balochistan government. The fishermen communities, living along the countrys 1,120km long coast and traditionally depend on the sea, are being deprived of their livelihood though the untraditional fishing tactic by some mafias which has caused a phenomenal reduction in fish stock. While expressing their deep concerns over such a critical situation, the experts and fishermen of Sindh have again urged the provincial authorities to implement the rules to stop using prohibited nets that has made different species of fish vulnerable to extinction. Ghulam Mohammad, 55, a resident of Baba Island told The Nation that he had been associated with the fishing profession from his forefather. He said that the fishermen had been suffering for the last many, adding that the situation had never been so tough as it was these days. Look, the fishermen community staple food and source of income is fast being eliminated, he expressed his concern. He revealed that many fishermen had not gone out to sea due to a lack of fish stock, adding that around the entire fishermen community had the same complaint. It is to be mentioned here that after the introduction of the current fishing policy by the previous government, the cash-strapped government granted deep-sea fishing rights in Pakistani waters to the foreign trawlers. Their huge nets scoop up thousands of mt of both wanted and unwanted fish every voyage. While talking to The Nation Haji Mohammad Younus, Advisor to the Fishermen Co-operative Society had admitted that the prohibited nets and deep sea trawling had resulted in the shortage of fish stock. He disclosed that the fishing industry had reached at alarming proportions, particularly the situation in Sindh was worst due to violation of cod of conduct set up by the government regarding fishing. He said that the fishermen due to shortage of fish stock, were moving toward to Balochistan, but they face the difficulties because the Balochistan authorities had strictly implementing their rule and regulation regarding fishing. He said that the Balochistan authorities sometime size their fishing boats for to not meeting the requirements, but such strict action had not been taken by the authorities here in Sindh. According to the Pakistan Fisher Folk Forum (PFF), near 250 prohibited nets still set up in all big 17 creaks of marine water of coastal built of Ibrahim Hydri, Rehri, Sakro, KT Bander, Jati and others by the influence people, resulted in reduction in the fish stock. The PFF said that the use of such nets was restricted for the survival of fish species but influence people were flouting the ban. The PFF further elaborated that the growing violation and over-exploitation of large deep-sea trawlers had heavily reduced fish stock in Pakistani waters and also caused water pollution and uncontrolled deep-sea fishing had destroyed more than 70 percent of fish stocks. Muhammad Rafiq Baloch, a small-boat owner, said that some time he feel upset when return to shore with no catch after spending many days at sea, The fishermen community has urged a complete ban on deep-sea fishing by trawlers as according to them its not only affecting their livelihood but also the country of great resource.