KARACHI - The heated statement of PPP central executive (CEC) member State Minister Nabeel Gabol on Sunday exposed the wide differences among the top PPP ranks on Lyari operation. It may be noted here that Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Home Minister Sindh Dr Zulfiqar Ali Mirza and some other PPP leaders expressed their resentments on Lyari operation, ordered by the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik against the criminal elements. Talking to the media, State Minister for Ports and Shipping, Nabeel has lashed out the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik decision of operation in Lyari after expressing condolence with the families of the victims of Lyari violence. The enraged people of Lyari besieged the Federal Minister PPP and chanted slogans against Rehman Malik. The people asked the Federal Minister, Why he did not appear in the said area when the operation was going to be launched in Lyari, the constituency of Nabeel Gabol. Gabol said that he had made it clear to President Asif Ali Zardari to put Rehman Malik rein in from the lyari, saying that he (Rehman Malik) has no connection with Lyari. He said that people of Lyari were peace loving, adding and he would urge the government to avoid taking such action in the future. Karachi is the heart of Pakistan and Lyari is the heart of Karachi saying that people of Lyari gave every kind of sacrifices for the development of Karachi, he added. Gabol claimed that there was no gang war going on in Lyari as the PPP workers were rendering their services in the committees of Lyari, alleging that some nationalist parties wanted to ignite ethnic violence for their vested interests. He added that Pakistan peoples party leadership was foiled the conspiracy of ethnic violence through on time efforts to resolve the conflict. While discussing local bodies election, he said that PPPs nominated candidates would triumph the upcoming elections and hand over destiny of the people in their hands. He further said that it was credit of the PPP govt that it always promoted democratic culture in the country. PPPs State Minister demanded the judicial probe into Rehman Balochs alias Rehman dacoit killing.