LAHORE (APP) President Asif Ali Zardari Sunday called on the international community to give more resources to fight terrorism and build a developed Pakistan. Addressing a reception held for leading citizens of Lahore here, the President said: We have to convince the world to give us the resources to take on the monster of terrorism. Pakistan is facing numerous challenges, he said, adding this century will belong to Asia and the world is looking towards Pakistan. There is a natural instinct in the nation of Pakistan and it is shown by the people and political forces including PPP and PML that they turn their weaknesses into strength, he remarked. He said: Time and again I have been asking the world for a Marshall Plan for Pakistan like the one they had for Europe. Yes, they have not agreed as yet but can I, will I make them agree? I can promise you that one day they will come to our position. One day they will realise that root of all the wars in Afghanistan goes through Pakistan, he added. He assured that Pakistan would want to help its neighbourhood and the region as an active participant. But they have to look at the situation with a regional outlook. The problems cannot be solved indigenously by Pakistan or any other country. It has to be a collective effort, the President stressed. Zardari said he is dreaming of a Pakistan in which investors come from all over the world to set up projects. He reiterated that Pakistan wanted better relations and more trade with its neighbouring countries. He urged all the political forces to unite together in the war against terrorism. He said people of Pakistan today stand shoulder to shoulder with their brothers in Army, police and the paramilitary forces. We stand together against the terrorists who want to change our way of life. This far we have come through political maturity and for that I congratulate Prime Minister, Parliament, Leader of the Opposition and all political forces for political ownership of the war. He said the solution to this war is collectiveness and they have collected together under the banner of Pakistan to fight by believing that this is their own war. Before the arrival of the democratic dispensation, the big question mark was whose war it is. We have found the answer that this is our war as they are killing our brothers and sisters, he concluded.