One can commit contempt of court even while praising the superior judiciary. The right of interpretation in this regard lies with the courts. The courts may take it as a contempt or let the person go unnoticed taking a lenient view and appreciating the otherwise good intentions behind what could also be taken as the contempt of court. This is what prominent nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan did the other day while addressing members of the Rawalpindi District Bar Association. While praising the role lawyers community played in restoration of the superior judiciary and his being alive and free to move around due to intervention of the courts, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, as reported in the national press, said that the independence of judiciary is a turning point in our history. He went on to remark that now the judiciary would not ever give a verdict against the nation and the country. For a layman like me, this seems a rather sweeping statement from the distinguished nuclear scientist. As I see it, he implied both directly and indirectly that the judiciary has so far been giving judgements against the nation and country. The intention of the nuclear scientist may well be good in this but he would better be cautious in making such utterances in future. He should be watchful and vigilant in his movements as a free person too. Hostile forces inimical to his contribution in making Pakistan a nuclear power are still very active and have not 'forgiven' his major 'crime'. -KHWAJA ABDUL SAMAD KHAN, Karachi, January 15.