The media, is way out of focus discussing issues that have no relationship to people's main problems like terrorism and the energy issues. The IPI pipeline is reportedly being delayed which means we are going to have further shortages of gas for electricity generation, running of transport and industries. The energy should be our top priority now. Secondly, the issue of terrorism is not being tackled well either. The measures necessary to eradicate the root cause of it, the madrassas, are not being reformed the way they should be. The madrassas should be placed under supervision of the Ministry of Education rather than some Wafaqul Madaras that currently oversees their working. The third issue which is just as important for our future as a nation is that of provincial autonomy, which is being delayed due to foot-dragging by the PML-N. It is stuck unnecessarily on some idiotic notion about the problem in renaming the NWFP. People are naturally wondering what their problem is with it and why is it relevant to the fate of the 17th Amendment and how does that figure in the over all equation? Another spanner in the works has come from those perennial black mailers, the MQM, which is at it yet again with its familiar tactic of threatening to resign every other day. It is practically holding a gun to the head of PPP. Another strange player of our politics is our biased media, which has simply ignored all journalistic manners and procedures. Uncouth street lingo and a matching lack of etiquette and manners has become the norm with anchors who often resort to cheap and disgraceful gamesmanship in order to create a hype, a great disservice to the already unnerved people of Pakistan who are helpless victims of both terrorism and runaway inflation. -DR. KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, January 14.