NEW YORK - A security breach led to the evacuation of a terminal at John F Kennedy International Airport in New York on Saturday afternoon, authorities said. Terminal 8, which is used by American Airlines, was cleared for several hours and thousands of passengers had to be rescreened after the breach, the airlines spokesman Charley Wilson said. The Transportation Safety Administration and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which has jurisdiction over the three major metropolitan area airports, ordered the evacuation. Passengers who had boarded also had to get off their planes. Television reported that someone opened a door restricted to airport and airline employees triggered an alarm. The incident was captured on security video but the person had not been found. Wilson said no inbound flights had been diverted, and that outbound flights at the terminal were delayed by two hours or more. There were no American Airlines flight cancellations. A security breach at Newark International Airport on January 3 prompted a shutdown that delayed thousands of passengers at the end of the holiday weekend.Authorities a week ago arrested the man suspected of setting off the scare, and charged him with defiant trespass. Security video showed the man slipping into a secure area at the airport to give a woman companion a goodbye kiss.