Of course, the US could not have attacked a brotherly Muslim neighbouring country Afghanistan without the active support of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, nor can it continue killing thousands of innocent, defenseless and helpless Afghans, whose only hope of protection now is in Almighty Allah, without the logistic support of Pakistan. The US cannot kill tens of Pakistani citizens everyday in drone attacks either without the facilities provided by Islamabad at Shamsi and other air force bases. It cannot violate, without consent of the government of Pakistan, the sanctity of our territorial jurisdiction or flout the international laws with impunity by sending in its agents to operate inside our country. Can the US put to shame the whole Pakistani nation by stripping its citizens, male and female alike, at its airports without fear of retaliation from us? It cannot do all or any of these shameful acts to any independent, sovereign and self-respecting nation, such as Iran, which is much smaller in size, much weaker in military strength, far less important in strategic position, than Pakistan. But, then, Iranians are a proud nation. -BARRISTER BAACHAA, Peshawar, January 15.