KARACHI - Not only the Bengalis, the operation should be conducted against the American agents and Blackwater operatives, said General Secretary Pasban Pakistan Usman Muazzam. A rally was organised by Pasban Pakistan outside Karachi Press Club on Sunday in which a large number of people participated against targeting the Bengalis. They were holding banners and placards inscribed with the slogans against the police violence, discriminatory behaviour with the Bengalis and taking bribery for the issuance of national identity card. Addressing the rally Usman Muazzam, Syed Ashraf Hussain and Rafiq Ahmed Khaskheli said that Pakistan was divided by the corrupt politicians and generals not by the patriotic Bengalis who sacrificed their lives for freedom of the country. They demanded that the aggression and discrimination on the orders of Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik must be ended as early as possible. Instead of conducting operation against Bengalis it must be conducted against the American agents and Blackwater operatives for countering terrorism and consolidation of the country, he added. They said that these Bengalis, Afghanis and Barmis, who are residing in the slums of Karachi, are the crown of the City. The wheel of the economy cannot be moved without these hardworking patriotic people. They appealed to Rehman Malik to legally apologise with the Pakistani national Bengalis who had the legal documents of their nationality and took back his words in which he declared them as foreigners. They further condemned this act against Bengalis appealing the high-ups to let these patriotic citizens live peacefully.