KARACHI - The Sindh government has initiated a project 'Mine Rescue and Occupational Centre at Lakhra, Jamshoro to provide rescue operation at the time of any mishap at mines, officials told The Nation. The proposed scheme is aimed to start operation for the recovery of miners and material at mines in Sindh and to provide rescue training to mine personnel so that they can meet the challenges of rescue operation. Trainings will be provided to the human resources to ensure safe working of mine workers, officials said. The cause to detect the contraction of occupation disease in mine workers through medical practitioners will also be initiated through this scheme, they added. They further said that this scheme was a revised version of original proposal involving cost of Rs126.394 million which was approved two years ago but pace of implementation was slow due to delay in releasing of funds. Sources said the other reason for its revision was due to inclusion of additions works like staff quarters, guest house, rooms for trainees, garages, steel arrows fencing on compound wall, external lighting around the security wall and difference in cost of bithmin and other items on civil side, officials said. Beside, the revision in cost of revenue with respect to machinery/equipment due to escalation in price of such items including additional furniture & fixture for additional accommodation and others. However, the revised scheme has already been considered by Technical Committee and was cleared for consideration of PDWP. The competent forum of provincial government has instructed the sponsoring agency to provide comparative statement of revised scheme versus original scheme showing work done and work to be done along with the quantity, rate and amount of major work items, official sources said. They said the forum concerned, during recent meeting, had pointed out some faults in the project and asked the implementing agency for rectifying them. For example, the detailed sheet attached with scheme PC-I shows sum total cost of various work items in hand and those of remaining items as Rs62.736 million. On the contrary total cost of the work items in document shows the total capital cost as Rs78.5662 million, official reminded and quoted the directives of forum concerned for sponsoring agency to rectify the deficiency as printed out. The sponsoring agency has also been asked to provide reasons/justification for additional work items, internal/external road and lightening system on compound wall. Similarly, the sponsoring agency has also been instructed to provide proper justification for rise in the cost as according to officials, the works in hand of main rescue centre shows grand total amount of capital cost as Rs76.75 million which includes a provision at 45.5 per cent above on scheduled items. The testing lab lamp room, oxygen room and injector also shows 45 per cent above cost on scheduled items, while resident office block at 48 per cent above cost on scheduled items and cost of compound wall sows 84 per cent above than the schedule items, officials said. The sponsoring agency was asked to elaborate enhanced costs as above and justify the deviation of the quantities against the approved PC-I of project, they added.