This is regarding a news item published in your paper on January 15 headlined as "Hakimullah dodges US missiles". The particular drone strike had killed 12 people, wounding many others but the Taliban commander, once again, escaped 'mysteriously'. This is not the first time an unmanned aircrafts has come invading our territory, murdered many an innocent among our people and gone back safe, unchallenged. Pakistan, it seems, is some kind of a lawless region with no territorial sovereignty or rules and no air force or ground capability to respond to this kind of aggression by unwanted invaders. The international law is clearly against these attacks, our parliament is dead set against it, or so it says, and our nation is unanimous against it. But these attacks have continued, each time causing more bloodshed while we watch in silent rage, helpless because we are part of this silly war, which in Afghanistan at least, the superpower has lost. We are kind to our enemies and cruel with our own people. -RAQIM HAQUE, Karachi, January 15.