HYDERABAD- Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Quaid, Mian Nawaz Sharif, said on Monday that no one would be allowed to destroy the peace and order of Karachi and the path of aggression should be denounced, besides urging the Government to take serious action in stopping bloodshed in the metropolis. Addressing a public gathering in Badin to mark the death anniversary of Sindhs Taraqqi Pasand leader Fazil Rahoo, Nawaz said that there was no 'no-go area in Pakistan and that the country belonged to everyone equally, regardless of language and ethnicity. He also said that the Government should take serious notice of the rising violence and crime in the country. Nawaz maintained that deterioration of law and order in Karachi would not be allowed and his partys revolution was not the revolution of a bag-packed with dead bodies. He said that every day, firing in Karachi killed innocent people. During my government, robber-rule was eliminated from Sindh and if PML-N will get a chance again, it will bring a rapid change in its existing condition, Nawaz said. He underlined the need for identifying those handful elements which wanted to create conflict among the people only to achieve their nefarious designs and defame the name of Pakistan in the world community. We are ready to sacrifice everything to bring an era of peace and justice, and in this regard all political forces should come forward leaving behind the party politics and personal interests and jointly work for the betterment of the homeland keeping in view the present critical condition, he said. Nawaz maintained that Pakistan was land of 170 million people and certain elements, which wanted to create rifts among them on different basis, would not be allowed to do so. Pakistan Muslim League (N) always struggled for the oppressed people of the country and it would continue its struggle, he said and added that his party always struggled for the betterment of the country. He also expressed his concern over increasing acts of kidnapping for ransom and called upon the Government to maintain the rule of law in the province and provide sense of security to the people. He emphasised the need for a socio-economic revolution in the country, adding that the agenda of PML (N) was the agenda of the entire nation and by implementing it in true letter and spirit, it would lead the country to progress and prosperity. He informed that by presenting the party agenda, he emphasised the Prime Minister to control the price hike, uproot the corruption from the institutions and ensure poverty alleviation with justice to the people of the country. Recalling the services, which rendered by his governments in the past in Sindh, Nawaz called upon the people to strengthen the PML (N) so that such era could be brought back for the betterment of the country. If the PML (N) comes into power, it would improve the socio-economic condition of Sindh, re-launch the yellow cab scheme and maintain the rule of law in the country, he said. The party would also expose the assassinator of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto as demanded by the PPP workers when he visited the hospital after the incident, he added. The situation in the country would be completely different if Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was alive, he said and alleged that the Charter of Democracy was not implemented after her assassination, which could move the country in better direction. He informed that Shaheed Benazir Bhutto was remained in contact with him when she came to Pakistan. Nawaz paid rich tributes to the politics of Shahed Fazil Raho, adding that he sacrificed his life for the rights of the poor people and peasants of the province. We would follow his footprints and provide the rights to poor and downtrodden people particularly peasants, he vowed. Among others, Syed Ghous Ali Shah and Ismail Raho, the son of Fazil Raho, also spoke on the occasion. Later Nawaz visited the grave of Fazil Raho where he laid a floral wreath and offered fateha.