Veteran lawyer and PPP central leader Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan reiterates that President Asif Ali Zardari enjoys immunity in the country and abroad in all criminal cases.
“I’m stick to my previous assertion that Mr. Zardari will have immunity in all criminal cases in Pakistan and Switzerland as well till he is president of this country,” Ahsan said while speaking to reporters at the federal capital.
He said the immunity is notified and guaranteed in the Constitution. “The criminal and accountability courts have accepted immunity for the president under Vienna Convention 1961 and 1963.”
About immunity for Pervez Musharraf, the lawyer said the former president didn’t have it. “There are civil cases against Musharraf in which he doesn’t enjoy any immunity , while I was mentioning the exemption about President Zardari which he has due to nature of his cases.”
When asked how he would defend his client before the bench hearing the contempt of court notice against the premier, the barrister said that there should remain some suspense regarding his take on the matter.