SWAT - General Officer Commander (GOC) Swat, Major General Ghulam Qamar, has said that military is totally satisfied with the level of peace in the Swat valley and a number of cross-border attacks from Afghanistan have been repulsed by the security forces after causing heavy casualties of the militants.

Militants will never be allowed to disturb the peace in Swat at any cost, he said while talking to media here on Thursday.

He also highlighted that the socio-economic development projects like Swat snow festival, Swat sports gala, T20 Cricket tournament, Kalam festival, GGHSS Kabal, widening of Kalam road, renovation of Saidu Sharif airport and Kalam road opening during snow and repair/renovation of number of schools were under taken during the year, which has brought a monumental change in the socio-economic outlook of Swat.

To a question related to re-integration of individuals, he stated that more than 1000 individuals have been re-integrated through de-radicalization programme and now are very useful member of the society.

While answering a question, he said that number of attempts by the terrorists to re-group have been thwarted successfully with the help of locals and LEAs.

He also explained that a number of socio-economic activities have been planned for the year 2013 like, Malakand football tournament, Dir Snow Festival, Malam Jabba snow festival, Dir Cultural Week, Golf gala, Swat youth festival, Sports Gala, Kalam Festival, Shin Swat campaign, Chitral Cultural Week and Youth Symposium for the socio-economic uplift of the area.