OKARA - Asma Jehangir, the former president of Supreme Court Bar Association, demanded that the articles 62 and 63 should not be part of the Constitution, saying that delay in the general elections would cause an irreparable loss to the country.

“The judiciary should have political awareness but should not become politicians. No one knows the foreign policy of Pakistan. The founder of the articles 62 and 63 was Zia ul Haq,” said Asma while addressing an annual dinner at District Bar Association of Okara.

Asma said that efforts were being made to postpone the elections. If the democratic system was derailed, the lawyers would take to the streets. She explained that some people in Balochistan were demanding independence and the people in Khyber Patkhtoonkhwa can also make the same demand, and said that the unity of Pakistani nation lies in timely elections.

She further said, “When army generals are out of powers, their cronies are in the government. We want to strengthen the judiciary but it should not be powerful. Bar can do accountability of the judiciary.”

She said the articles 62 and 63 were included in the Constitution by General Ziaul Haq. She said that Ziaul Haq had claimed to be an angel, adding, “We are well aware of the persons who are pious”.

She said that the nation needs peace, electricity, gas and strong economy. She said that Balochistan is at the hit of terrorists who carry out bomb blasts almost daily but the rulers of Pakistan are busy in petty issues.

“The national economy has been completed destroyed and there is no investment. No one knows what the foreign policy of the country is. America is our enemy but we get finance from the country. The Arab countries are our friends but we import petrol from other countries. Afghanistan is our friend but she is our extreme opponent. This type of foreign policy is completely incomprehensible,” she said.

District and Sessions Judge Safdar Salim Shahid, DBA President Lala Javed, Ashraf Gujjar, Secretary General Talat Mehmood, Punjab Bar Council member Rana Abdul Rehman and SCBA member Iftikhar Advocate also addressed the dinner whereas DCO Okara Syed Gulzar Hussan Shah, DPO Dr Haider Ashraf, DBA and civil society members also attended the dinner.