LAHORE– Though Minhajul Quran chiefDrTahirul Qadri is unwilling to contest upcoming election, he is set to play a key role in deciding the nitty-gritties of the polls.

The PML-N, the main opposition party, is shocked over the situation because constitutionally the opposition has an integral role in finalising the electoral process but the government did not bother to consult with the opposition over Qadri’s demands.

According to sources in the PML-N, the party will give its stance on the accord after reviewing it.

The sources questioned the authenticity of the accord reached between the government and Qadri because he (Qadri) has no representation in parliament.

The PML-N sources say that the party leadership was neither informed about the meeting of Qadri and coalition representativesnor taken into confidence on the agenda of meeting.

They said that every decision should be taken in parliament and the PML-N would not follow any unconstitutional action.  The sources say that all opposition parties had jointly demanded timely and transparent electionsbut instead of listening to their demands, the government yield to Qadri.

The PML-N sources said that giving Qadri a say on caretaker setup and reconstitution of the election commission made the PML-N skeptical about the electoral process and the party would resist, if the government deviates from the Constitution.