ISLAMABAD - Though on the directions of Ministry of Capital Administration and Development all public and private schools and colleges were opened on Thursday after the closure of three days due to long march, the attendance remained very thin.

According to teachers and different officials hardly 10 percent of the students turned up to various public educational institutes and many of the college students joined the marchers at D-Chowk. The students of H-8 and H-9 boys’ colleges went to see the long march. ‘Extremely poor presence of students was observed in educational institutes of the city. As a very few students came to attend their respective schools and colleges in schools, classes of different grades were combined. In colleges students were absent in different subjects and the teachers of these subjects killed the time in staff rooms by discussing Qadri’s long march on cups of tea’ informed a schoolteacher.

In some institutes even teaching and non-teaching staff was absent. There was no library work, no sports activity was seen today.  

APP adds: The institutes were opened today but the parents remained reluctant to send their children to safeguard them from any untoward incident. “Some roads are still blocked in the premises of Blue Area and I can’t take any risk of sending my children to the institutes”, Shahina a mother said.

The students are perturbed over the prevailing situation and they are unable to focus on their studies, she said. Zahid Shah, a teacher said “the rainy and cold weather has also made the students lethargic and we are waiting for the amicable settlement of the long march so that the students can resume their study routine in peaceful environment”.

The situation will impact the annual results of the students if the situation pervades for long as they will be unable to complete their syllabus in time, she said.

“Students suffer psychologically when there is unrest on the roads and sense of insecurity lingers on”, Shagufta, a mother of three school going children said.

“I am concerned about the positions of my children in annual results this year. The sense of insecurity and uncertainty has perturbed the students besides disturbing their study routine adding psychological pressure”, she added.

The prevailing situation has also compelled some educational institutions to reschedule their ongoing admission tests, terminal and other examinations of different classes that would ultimately affect the compilation of results.