KARACHI - Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) Chairperson Ali Shah criticised the government, district administrations of Jamshoro, Thatta and Karachi for their carelessness that has caused continuous pollution of the major fresh water body, Keenjhar Lake.The PFF chairperson in a statement issued on Thursday said they had already raised the issue several times that the Kalri Baghar Feeder (popularly known as the Karachi Canal) is receiving chemicals from more than 100 industrial units located in the Kotri site area that not only is a threat to the ecology, marine species, but is also dangerous to people living nearby.After one-month annual rotation (closure of canals for desilting), the Irrigation Department released water in canal, which carrying industrial waste when reached the Keenjhar Lake, the fishermen started crying against huge amount of fish dead in the water. During the instant observations, they pointed out that the KB Feeder canal receives industrial chemicals. But since the amount of industrial waste was more than normal that caused problem for the fishermen, farmers and herder families living near there.Shah said that Karachi is the largest beneficiary of the Keenjhar Lake, receiving more than 600 million gallons daily to take care of the needs of more than 18 million people. Despite this, Karachi Water and Sewerage Board and district government of Karachi never bothered to own the Keenjhar Lake and make efforts to save the ecology and the life and livelihoods of the people, receiving contaminated water. Keenjhar Lake receives industrial chemicals from two points—Kotri Industrial area and Nooriabad Industrial area without treatment. The last year incident occurred in April 2012, which caused death of fish, turtles, ducks and other birds, jackals and livestock near Jhimpir town, also panicked the residents of 20 neighboring villages, depending on the lake for getting water for drinking and their animals. Shah warned that due to carelessness by certain government officials the release of industrial and urban waste may cause severe threat to the health and safety of over 20 million citizens of Karachi. Hence, he demanded immediate action to stop the wastewater from reaching the Kalri Baghar feeder, because 70 percent of the water supplied to the Karachi city comes from Keenjhar Lake. The PFF chairperson said increasing contamination is not only the issue of livelihoods of fishermen. Maintaining its fragile ecology through keeping water safe is also important. Sindh Irrigation, Industries, Environment, Wildlife, Livestock, Culture and Tourism, district governments and non-governmental organisations implementing projects near there are main stakeholders, which should have taken this responsibility to avoid increasing contamination of this water body. Despite hue and cry by the local people neither any government body nor private organisation have bothered to conduct fresh study to ascertain the actual cause of these happenings. But, the researchers reveal that canals usually carrying contamination reaches the water bodies, like Keenjhar, causing deaths of marine species.  The lake is a Ramsar Site and has been declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1977 under Sindh Wildlife Protection Ordinance 1972. About 50,000 people are dependent on this fresh water lake where more than 800 small fishing boats operate.Shah said it needs fresh study to ascertain the status of water quality, as it is the major source of supplying water to the 1.8 million people of Karachi only. Apart from this it is attractive place for migratory birds and source of livelihoods of local people. He expressed the concern over the ignorant attitude of officials concerned that not only single minister of relevant departments bother to visit the site and take immediate action to avoid polluting it further.