LAHORE – Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said the nation will get rid of the incompetent government by mid of March. In his telephonic address to the party workers and the people of Badin on the death anniversary of peasant leader Fazil Raho on Thursday, Nawaz said that only eight weeks are left for the general elections and time is coming when the people would be able to change their destiny by casting vote. He said the five-year mandate of the government would end in March and there was no need for long march to get rid of ‘incompetent and useless rulers’. Nawaz Sharif said that he had always believed in the sanctity of the Constitution which empowered the people to reject those who failed to deliver and solving their problems.The former premier said that March would prove a month of quick march for rulers and open the way for the people to have their new government within 60 days.  He criticised the federal government for failing to provide health and education to the people, besides snatching away electricity, gas and peace from them.The PML-N chief said the people would have a new government, if they vote sagaciously.  He said:“It is the force of democracy which holds the corrupt and inefficient rulers accountable and brings them to the court of the people who pass a final judgment on them.”Commenting on the long march of Dr Qadri, Nawaz Sharif said those ‘who cannot win elections are afraid’ of the power of vote and the Constitution. “Such elements want to bring change by sit-in.”Nawaz said that he struggled for the right of the people and spent hard times in jail and exile. Referring to Qadri, he said: “What type of a leader he is,who is sitting in a safe, comfortable and bulletproof container while the children, women and old are sitting on the roads under open sky in the cold night. Nawaz said that if this man feels any pain for the people, he should also spend the cold night among his followers.“Otherwise he should take pity and let them go home, instead of letting them freeze in cold.”The PML-N leader said that he suffered for the peoplebut never put the masses in trouble to achieve his goals. He urged the people to vote out the incompetent rulers for prosperity, peace, progress, medical care, education and employment.Paying tribute to the late peasant leader, he said that FazilRaho spent his life for the betterment of farmers and ended his speech with slogans:‘Jiay Sindh’, ‘JiayKissan’ and ‘Jiay Pakistan’.