Recent cellular service bans by the government, however cumbersome they may be, have offered me a moment of self-reflection. It dawned on me, how cellular phones have impacted personal interaction between family and friends but more importantly dictated our lives. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a meal with my family in which we all bonded over the dinner table; the incessant buzzing/notifications has become a regular feature of everyone’s dinner table and resultantly led to distracted meals.

Over the weekend, I came across a TV series titled ‘Coke Kahani’ which touched upon the importance of communication and meal time conversations between family and friends to resolve tensions, cherish memories and the creation of new ones. The Pakistani society has fallen victim to a fast paced life. Sitting together as a family and enjoying simple moments of life, which was regarded as an innate activity, has now become a novelty.

While people might regard the disintegration of personal interaction with family and friends as futile; it is important to illustrate that it is these small things that bind people together. We need to make a conscious effort of saving these little societal and family traditions of togetherness because moments spent with your loved ones are the moments you cherish forever.


Karachi, January 14.