LAHORE – Following the issuance of Islamabad Declaration, PML-N leader Ch Nisar has said that now Dr Qadri has become part of the government and got a role in the appointment of caretaker PM which may be Qadri himself.In a media talk, the Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly said the kind of attitude adopted and language used even by some members of coalition government’s negotiating team during the last few days make them disqualified to contest the election in terms of article 62 and 63 of the constitution.He said what Qadri had been demanding while terming the government sheer corrupt and terming the prime minister as ex-PM, has at once vanished and the scene got totally changed. This contradiction of word and action is sufficient to judge character on both sides, he added.Nisar said the agreement is nothing more than a venture to incorporate Qadri in the naming of interim prime minister as the articles 62 and 63 are already there to judge the qualification of a candidate.To a question on interim governments in Sindh and Balochistan, he said the government wants to name their favourites on the slot of CM but the opposition would do its best to ensure that consensual and neutral chief executives are chosen.PML-N Central Secretary Information Mushahidullah Khan termed the agreement a Mukmuka (under the table deal) and joke. This all was pre-planned, he said adding that Dr Qadri only wasted time of the nation and hoodwinked the innocent people who followed him.