LAHORE - The Opposition on Thursday submitted requisition in the Assembly secretariat to convene Punjab Assembly session to discuss the alleged conspiracies being hatched against democracy.

Deputy Opposition Leader, Shaukat Mehmood Basra submitted the requisition bearing signatures of 95 members belonging to the PPP and the PML-Q.

Talking to media at Punjab Assembly, Basra said conspiracies were being hatched against democracy by undemocratic forces and it was time that all political forces get united to forestall these moves.

Under the circumstances, he added, it had become inevitable to convene the session to deliberate on the issue.

 “In the coming assembly session, all political parties would make a pledge to stay put against all dangers to democracy and render every sacrifice to safeguard the system.”, he said, adding that being the biggest political party, the PPP had decided to take the lead to convene the session.  He hoped that undemocratic forces would get defeated as political parties were united to thwart their nefarious designs.