Pakistan Muslim League (N) Chief Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and the Muslim League (Functional) on Friday agreed to continue their contact in future for strengthening of democracy, supremacy of the Constitution and the law and for redrassal of masses’ problems.

The both parties vehemently rejected the local bodies system in Sindh province, saying division of Sindh would not be acceptable at any cost.

These views were emanated during meeting of both the leaders along with their aides here at Raiwind today, during which a number of issues including country’s political situation, caretaker government, political and electoral alliance between the two political parties.

The PML-N Chief Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that there is a mental harmony between his party and Functional League and the two parties would get Pakistan rid of problems jointly.

The chief of Functional League Pir Pagara said that the two parties should have to get closer.

Nawaz Sharif also said that Sindh's division would not be acceptable at any cost.

Pir Pagara further said that he had told Nawaz Sharif to everyone along with him. He also termed the prevalent situation in Sindh extremely dangerous adding that his party's views were not listened to over the Local Bodies ordinance.

Pagara said he came here to offer his condolence over the demise of Abbas Sharif. He said political situation in the country also came under discussion during the meeting. Pagara said he would work with the PML-N chief without any greed.

He said he didn’t see President Asif Ali Zardari forming government in the center for the second stint. Pagara said Zardari didn’t listen to the people of Sindh, adding that a weak Sindh would undermine the federation.

The PML-F chief said that he told Sharif about the situation in Sindh which was deteriorating.