It is indeed deplorable that there is no accountability in Sindh. The elements in the present government, both from political leadership and bureaucracy, who were trusted to promote accountability, have made every possible effort to undermine the accountability and rule of law. Had there been any accountability so many children would not have died due to measles and other epidemic diseases. Had there been accountability, Karachi would not have become a slaughterhouse where everyday dozens of innocent citizens are ruthlessly slaughtered.

Sadly, provincial officers actively and openly flout the constitution, and the law, instead of serving the deprived people of the province they serve themselves. Regrettably, this is not the only problem. No action is taken when the chain of command is broken by the corrupt and politically motivated subordinates. This phenomena is not limited to a few departments, it has spread like wildfire and threatened to destroy the entire fabric of the society. However, the time has come to take stringent action against such corrupt officers, adulate and elevate upright and honest officers, and promote the culture of accountability and answerability in the province.


Islamabad, January 9.