LAHORE - The PTI and the JI have agreed that immediate free and fair elections is the only way to pull the country out of the existing crisis.

The agreement between the two parties came on Thursday during a telephonic conversation of PTI Chairman Imran Khan and JI Chief Syed Munawar Hasan. Imran talking to Munawar said that an independent and credible election commission and a neutral caretaker setup were must for a free and fair election.

The PTI chairman said any attempt to steal public mandate through a rigged election would be resisted with the force of the people.

Imran before the talks between the ruling coalition members and TMQ chairman had advised Dr Tahirul Qadri to end the sit-in, saying that the purpose of the long march has been served.

Responding to a media query, he hinting at the possibilities of a similar march by the PTI in the near future said, “It is not a march. It is just the beginning of change”.

Meanwhile, PTI leader, Khursheed Kasuri said that PTI and TMQ carried the same agenda for bringing change in the country.