PESHAWAR - Taliban militants in Frontier Region (FR) Peshawar have threatened the locals not to cooperate with the government and security forces, otherwise they would be met with the same fate like of the 21 soldiers of Levies.  

The written pamphlets have been pasted on different walls of the Nakband village where 21 Levies soldiers had been killed few days back. They said that the killing of 21 soldiers of Levies was a revenge, which they had taken from the Levies forces deployed in the area.

Through a written statement they informed the locals to avoid assisting the political administration and Levies against Taliban otherwise they would face the same fate like the killing of 21 Levies soldiers.

They further informed that one resident of the area, Shahms-ur-Rahman, and his friend had assisted police and Levies against Taliban, who were resultantly killed for anti-Taliban activities in the area. They said that the killing of these two persons and 21 others soldiers was a revenge of Taliban.  Residents of the area have expressed concern over the deteriorated law and order situation and most of the villagers have left the area and got settled in urban areas of Peshawar to avoid any confrontation with militants.

It is to mention here that few days back armed militants attacked check posts in Frontier Region Peshawar and kidnapped 23 levies personnel from the area. Later Taliban killed 21 personnel of levies and thrown their dead bodies in Hassan Khel area of semi-tribal belt of FR-Peshawar.