RAWALPINDI - Sale of unhygienic milk is continuing unchecked in all the areas of Rawalpindi city and cantonment in connivance with the corrupt elements of health department posing health hazards to the citizens.

The adulterated milk is brought from Sargodha and other areas of the province in small tankers and blue colored drums and is supplied to the wholesale contractors at the stipulated points in their respective areas.

In order to ensure thickness of the milk, soda, surf, cooking oil and powder of expired milk is mixed up in it and later it is freezed. Ice is put into this milk to keep it cold and through this methodology; milk does turn sour for at least 10 days.

This toxic milk has proliferated abdominal and other fatal diseases in the areas where it is being sold out with impunity. The heinous business of minting money through sale of toxic milk is on rise in the areas particularly Dhok Ratta, Kashmiri Bazar, Murree road, Sadiq Abad, Dhok Kashmirian, Dhok Kala Khan, Pindora, New Katarian and other areas.

 Ratta Amral, Sadar cantt police station road, Hospital road, Chohar, Misrial road, Dhok Banaris, Sadat market, Dhok Syedan and other areas.  

The citizens have demanded of Punjab government to take immediate measures for curbing the sale of unhygienic milk.