ISLAMABAD – The Supreme Court on Thursday directed Munir Paracha, the counsel for Capital Development Authority (CDA) to submit appropriate report regarding the plots allotted for farming with their market values till February 7.

A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary comprising Justice Gulzar Ahmad and Justice Sh Azmat Saeed heard the case.

During the course of proceeding, Munir Paracha apprised the court that, out of total 525 plots, 19 were under non-conforming and 24 were under access covered area. On a bench query, he defined difference between conforming and non-conforming plots. He told, a plot which was allotted for some specific purpose of agriculture but did not use for agriculture would be non-conforming plot; whereas another one stands for conforming plot.

He also apprised the apex court about cancellation method of these allotments. He said that in first step we would find such allottees if illegality would remain then notices would be issued to respondents after that authority would cancel allotment if respondent would not be able to submit satisfactory answer.

Justice Azmat Saeed passed remarks that the land was allotted for agricultural purposes or build poultry forms and not for constructing houses or to build marriage halls there, then who allowed them to violate rules, he asked.

The Chief Justice showed his dissatisfaction over interim report presented by the counsel and further directed to make sure their survey till next hearing.