Don’t we smell a conspiracy being hatched on either side of the Line of Control (LOC) between Pakistani and Indian held Kashmir? It may create win-win situation for some hawks in either country, but its loss for millions praying for peace between these feuding neighbors. After the conclusion of recently held cricket series, there was a new sense of confidence to further proceed with peace process between them. Then came the Pakistani complaint of an ‘unprovoked’ Indian attack, Jan. 06 on one of the military posts along LOC killing at least one Pakistani soldier.

The claim was immediately rejected by Indian side with a counter claim accusing Pakistani troops of first opening fire. This still-to-be investigated incident was followed by Indian claim that Pakistani soldiers crossed the Indian Territory on Jan. 7 and ambushed an army patrol party killing two Indian soldiers who were reportedly beheaded. No one can believe that a professional army can do this; that means there is a possibility of non-state actors taking such steps in an apparent attempt to disrupt the ongoing peace process. 26/11 Mumbai attack is a live example of such attempts on the part of terrorists. Every peaceful Pakistani and Indian will try to maintain a distance from those who are trying their best to keep the borders bleeding all the time.

Political leadership needs to show courage in the face of terrorists’ schemes. It is unfortunate that after a relatively peaceful decade this 700km long border is again becoming a point of contention. It is high time that both armies shall avoid exaggerating these incidents and let the peace process survive. This process is too fragile to take such adventurism by quarters with some vested interests. Pakistan is making history wherein a democratically elected government in 65 years will ever complete its tenure without any hindrance from establishment.


Saudi Arab, January 9.