PESHAWAR - Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak has announced that the provincial government has almost completed the preparations for introducing a unified curriculum of education in all schools of the province to be enforced by March this year.

He said this historic step of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government will bring about a real change because it will put an end to the outdated class-based system of education introduced by the colonial era and will fill up the increasing gap between the poor and rich in the society. “Now the children of both poor and rich shall enter into the race of equal competition and will avail equal chances and opportunities of progress,” he added.

He said that this revolutionary step in education sector would especially benefit the students of backward areas that often lagged behind in competitions with the students of urban and developed areas just because of the dual system of education and now they on the basis of their hard work could easily compete with the students of urban areas.

He was talking to a delegation of the MPAs of the allied party Jamat-e-Islami that made a call on meeting with him in Peshawar and discussed with him matters related to the public welfare and developmental projects in their respective constituencies. Headed by MPA Malik Behram Khan, the delegation comprised KPK Minister for Local Government Inayatullah, Ex- MNA Maulana Asadulla, MPAs Mohammad Ali, Muzaffar Sayed and Sayed Gul.

The department of education has been mishandled by subsequent governments and no party paid serious attention to this sector despite it being handed over to the provinces after 18th Constitutional Amendment. All the parties from MMA to PTI have been blamed that they exploited this sector for their vested political interests.

Some critics say that sudden change in the language would create problems not only for the students but also for teachers who have been teaching their students in Urdu for years. So they would never be able to teach the new curriculum without thorough training.

Earlier to this, Provincial Minster for Elementary and Secondary Education Muhammad Atif has also said that in the first phase teachers will be provided necessary training to enable them to teach the newly introduced courses in government primary and high schools. He said that around 23,000 teachers would be provided training to acquaint them with new syllabus.

He informed that with this new system of education the class based education system would be ended forever. He said that in the first phase 400 hundred master qualified teachers would be trained and in the second phase these 400 hundred trainers will provide further training to 23000 teachers.

Despite financial constraints, the government would bring the promised reforms in all social sectors including education, he said, adding that there was no separate education system for rich in any country of the world. He said that PTI was introducing uniform education system for all students.

The government was facing daunting task of bringing reforms into the current education system but it was fully determined to introduce a system in accordance with the modern day needs.