LAHORE - A bold and daring Indian girl – in love with a Pakistani guy – touched down in Lahore all alone on Friday, but was deported back to Sharjah for travelling on forged documents.

Immigration authorities at Allama Iqbal International Airport said Geeta Kumraish Dholakia – now called Eeman – came to Pakistan to marry a Pakistani guy but her fake passport turned her back.

She embraced Islam about a year ago, after she met with Azhar in Sharjah. Azhar then used to run his jewelry business and would often visit Eeman’s father to discuss business issues with him.

Love blossomed between the two that remained intact for more than seven months. They pledged to remain loyal to each other, but religion was the main hindrance. Eeman, however, removed this barrier, by embracing Islam.

Later, Azhar went to Eeman’s parents with a marriage proposal, but it got rejected. The love birds then wanted to go for a court marriage, but the United Arab Emirates laws would only allow a 23 year old girl, mature enough to marry, independently. Eeman was 20 at that time.

Eeman’s parents threatened Azhar of dire consequences if he did not get out of the life of their daughter. Seeing his life in jeopardy, a heartbroken Azhar returned to Pakistan. However, the two remained in constant contact.

As the girl wanted to be alongside Azhar, she ran into Pakistani travel agent Qasim and asked him to send her to Pakistan at any cost, immigration authorities said. She gave the agent AED15,000 only to discover she had been provided with a fake passport.

Eeman told FIA officers she was an Indian national, but her family was settled in Sharjah for the past 12 years. She said her father was in jewelry business.

While Eeman was being questioned, Azhar was present outside of the briefing area waiting for her clearance but she unluckily got deported for travelling on fake documents.