LAKKI MARWAT  - Farmers of Serai Naurang Town have demanded of the government to provide funds for the de-silting/cleaning of Kachkot canal and direct local quarters concerned to take stringent measures against water thieves in the area.

The demand was made at the moot of farmers in Mithu Ghaznikhel village on Friday. Growers from Ozhakai, Baz Kilay, Manjiwala, Bakhmal Ahmadzai, Dosti Kilay, Sarver Mamakhel and other rural localities attended the gathering. The participants vowed that they would launch concerted efforts to press the government for acceptance of genuine demands.

They said that Kachkot canal had been silt up because it had not been cleaned for the last several years. “Besides water theft from the canal has become a common practice,” they maintained.

They alleged that the canal had not been included in the de-silting campaign, which spread concerns among the local farmer community. They said that floods breached the canal filled with mud in rainy season causing huge losses to standing crops and properties.

A local farmer leader Zainul Aabidin said on the occasion that farmers had become fed up of the step mother treatment by the government and authorities concerned. Farmers who get water from Kachkot canal pay all sorts of government taxes regularly but no attention is given to resolve their problems,” he maintained.

He warned that the local growers would have no option other than to launch agitation movement if concerned higher quarters of the government did not provide sufficient funds for de-silting and cleaning the canal.