It was great to see the brain of Ahmed Raza Kasuri at work, when he launched a tirade of insults against a  journalist when asked whether the ‘commando general’ was planning up on showing for his case. ‘Shame on you’ was repeated ad nauseam by the lawyer and his supporters and was also taken up sardonically by the other side, which made the entire episode even more absurd than it already was. Everything else apart, maybe someone should inform Kasuri that calling someone an Indian is not a legitimate insult and when shaming someone in the future, should employ a more sophisticated vocabulary of insults. He then vowed to take all the ‘corrupt’ journalists to task after he was done with this case.

Apparently, that reporter and all others like him are part of a mass conspiracy in which they are paid to defame ‘honourable’ members of the community. The retired general is obviously above such preposterous questions and scrutiny, and all those that have any doubts over his bravery are biased against him. Kasuri is very clear on his stance regarding the case. Musharraf is not only innocent but an exemplary human being. His greatness is unmatched. All that disagree are inherently evil and betraying Pakistan with any subsequent word or action.  We only need to mention that the only lifafa definitely exchanging hands is that which Mr Kasuri's received as legal fee, not any on the journalistic side that sees his client as less than heroic.

There is indeed a possibility that the question was meant as a jibe at Musharraf’s inability to show up to court, and the point clearly hit its mark which led to this outburst. There was no need to be so defensive and lose control over such a harmless query. If anything, this senseless rant was counterproductive, and will not snub but give a louder voice to those that are calling the ex-general a coward. The only thing that was established through the words of Kasuri was that he is not fit enough to engage in a civilised discussion.

As Musharraf’s lawyer, it is indeed Kasuri’s job to prove that he is no traitor, but that is to be done in the courtroom, and not by having a shouting match against each and every member of the public until his abuse somehow changes their minds. The general is not bigger or better than the rest of the nation, and Kasuri’s theatrics will convince no one. It is not sacrilegious to try and discern Musharraf’s intentions and to be critical of his failure to attend a single hearing. The commando general is merely human, after all.