ISLAMABAD - Amid resurrecting hostility at the Line of Control (LoC) following a recent exchange of heated statements, the military commanders from Pakistan and India held a meeting to defuse tension.

The commanders of the two brigades deputed along the respective sides of the LoC held a scheduled flag-meeting on Friday in a bid to avoid ceasefire violations at the LoC and the Working Boundary.

A brief statement from the Pakistan Army's mouthpiece Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) said brigade-level military officials of Pakistani and Indian armies met at Rawlakot at Poonch crossing point at the LoC to discuss ways to further strengthen ceasefire along LoC.

As per standard practice, according to a military source, each delegation comprised of five army officers, headed by a brigadier, three lieutenant colonels and a major that exchanged notes on increasing hotline contacts between the respective formations at brigade, battalion/regimental level to avoid LoC skirmishes in future.

Reportedly, protest was also conveyed to the Indian side for LoC ceasefire agreement's alleged violation in Jundrot sector last Saturday.

Envisaged in the Director General Military Operations (DGMOs) meeting held last December 24, the brigadiers meeting came just days after the Indian army chief Bikram Singh had held Pakistan responsible for ceasefire violations and threatened to pay it "in the same coin."

"If rules are followed by our neighbours, we follow them. If rules are broken, we would not sit on it, we will break them too-Ceasefire violations have continued. Since the agreement on the ceasefire violation, there has been a reduction in violations. After that these ceasefire violations have been for infiltration bids," he had told a news conference in New Delhi on Monday.

In response, the Pakistan Army called for restraint stating that the Indian Army chief's statement was "contrary to the facts on ground" and "such accusations and provocative statements are regrettable and counterproductive."

After over a fortnight of calm since December 24, the LoC front looked to be heading towards another spate of hostility last Saturday after Pakistan Army officials accused the Indian side of injuring a civilian at Jundrot Sector, who, the officials claimed, had 'inadvertently' crossed the LoC.

Last year saw a major scale-up in the LoC hostility following deadly clashes at the LoC, Working Boundary and the Eastern border that saw the loss of lives of the soldiers from the two sides. As a result of a political understanding reached between Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Indian PM Manmohan Singh on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly meeting in September last year, the DGMOs of Pak-Indian Armies had met at Pakistani side of Wagah border on December 24.

The DGMOs meeting, which, a joint statement said, was held in a "cordial, positive and constructive" atmosphere saw exchange of commitments from the two Generals to maintain the "sanctity and ceasefire on the LoC" and agreement on to "re-energise" the existing mechanisms.

Consensus was also developed to make hotline contacts between the two DGMOs more effective and result oriented. It was also decided to inform each other if any "innocent" civilian inadvertently crossed LoC, in order to ensure his/her early return.

The two flag-meetings between brigade commanders at the LoC were also envisaged then, to ensure maintenance of ceasefire, peace and tranquility along the LoC. The LoC Ceasefire Agreement is intact between Pakistan and India since 2003.

Monitoring Desk adds: Indian army also lodged a strong protest with Pakistan over ceasefire violations at brigadier-level meeting. "We have lodged a strong protest with Pakistan army authorities over the ceasefire violations along LoC in Poonch at the brigadier-level flag meeting of the Indian and Pakistan today," a senior Indian army officer said, reported Indian media.