BALTIMORE, US  - YN -  Corey Taylor of Baltimore County is enjoying newfound freedom after an interesting surgery replaced the thumb he lost in a 2011 accident, with his big toe. WBAL 11 News reported that daily tasks were extremely difficult for Mr Taylor while he was without a thumb. Over the course of six months, Corey waited for the injury, caused by a saw, to heal. Two years after the transplant and months of rehabilitation, Corey tells the station, “I can do everything that I was able to do before with no problem.” The transplant suggestion came from Dr Ryan Katz of the Curtis National Hand Center at Baltimore’s Union Memorial Hospital. Dr Katz said, “When you’re trying to reconstruct a thumb, you say, ‘Well what’s missing, and where can we get that to help rebuild the thumb?’ When you’re missing the thumb, you’re missing length, sensibility, motion and aesthetic, and a toe has all of that.” It’s a surgery the doctor is familiar with as the center performs approximately five of them each year. For those who wonder if balance issues may arise from missing a big toe, doctors report that’s not usually a problem. Mr Taylor is satisfied with the results and said, “Every time I mention it to everybody, they’re astounded that, they don’t even believe that it’s my big toe. I couldn’t ask for anything better. I’ve told Dr. Katz he’s a miracle worker.”