The nation is astonished to learn that the democratic government has undemocratically reconstituted the Economic Advisory Council (EAC) to assist it in the economic policymaking. Surprisingly, it consists of retired personal and people who were responsible for this nation but were unable to perform. Why are the same people given a chance again and again who have already failed? Do we lack honest and hardworking people who are result-oriented or are we just once again following the old status quo?

We are bringing back the same people who plunged this country into darkness. The majority of them are retired government officers who want to continue their irrational policies, which they carried out during the dictatorial rule. They could not deliver then and there is no hope now!

The nation is astonished how a democratic government has hired the services of those who, in one or another capacity, supported the undemocratic rulers of the past. The people want to know what is our present bureaucracy doing? Who are being paid extravagantly from the taxpayers’ money? Why are they not helping in formulating the economic policy under the guidance of democratic rulers?

The government should motivate the present talented bureaucracy to deliver so that their names should be remembered in the history of Pakistan. The nation has no expectation from these spent bullets of undemocratic Economic Advisory Council. If the government considers the democratic aspirations of people it should reconstitute the Economic Advisory Council and chose from the present elected and selected members from all four provinces, and top military and civilian bureaucracy as it is their function to salvage the nation during their tenure.


Sukkur, January 16.