TOBA TEK SINGH - Ahle Sunnat Waljamat District President Maulana Muhammad Awais and an activist leader Qari Abdul Hanan Farooqi who were arrested from their houses the other night have been detained under 16 MPO for one month and shifted to district jail.

Meanwhile, policemen have been deputed outside the house of patron-in-chief Ahle Sunnat Waljamat Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Ludhianvi in Kamalia. However, it could not be ascertained so far whether he has been house arrested or not.

PASS AWAY: City PPP president Rana Khalid Mahmood’s younger brother Rana Shahid Mahmood died here on Friday after protracted illness. Scores of citizens attended the funeral in central graveyard. They also included former district nazim Chaudhry Muhammad Ashfaq, JUI-F leader Maulana Rafiq Anwar and PPP leader Amer Jabbar.