Why Should I become a Doctor by Prof. Dr. M. Yasin Khan Durrani

It is clear from the title of the book that it is written for those students who have an ambition to join the medical profession and want to become doctor. The book is a complete guide for students and also for parents who want their children to join medical profession. It gives an overview on how to begin a career in medicine and who are the suitable persons for this profession. A thorough study of this book before applying for admission to the medical college will certainly help them to decide that whether they are choosing the right profession. The book also includes list of accredited medical colleges in Pakistan and recent developments and growth in health sector in the country. It is a valuable addition to the medical field which provide useful learning to parents, medical teachers and students who wish to build their career as medical or dental doctor.

Publisher: Ophthalmic Newsnet for ‘Ophthalmology Update’ / Pages: 124 / Price: Rs. 400


My Beautiful Pakistan by Muhammad Amir Khan

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a country which have nurtured human civilisation since its inception. The country mesmerises those person in its beauty who try to explore it. Muhammad Amir Khan has tried to do so and became able to explore some aspects of its beauty and diversity. He captured its beauty and the diversity through the lens of his camera and compiled those pictures in a book. ‘My Beautiful Pakistan’ is a pictorial book with caption of every picture and little description where it is required. It is a brilliant collection of photographs depicting the beauty, historical and archaeological importance, folk culture, fairs and festivals and traditional dances of Pakistan. The book also showcases the contemporary development in Lahore – the overhead bridges, underpasses and the Metro Bus track. Amir Khan has made a successful attempt in connecting the dots of the rich heritage with those of the current trends of development. The layout of this book ensures that the photographs represent the spirit in which they were clicked. The unique feature of the book is that while most of the coffee table books on culture and tradition limit themselves to the past, this book goes ahead and tells the tale of the contemporary trends. By connecting the pride of the past to the hopes of the future, it shows how Pakistan has been able to progress while holding onto its roots. The book firmly establishes Pakistan has a historic place with a modern outlook. Rich in knowledge, the book is highly recommended to those who want to know about the beauty and diversification of Pakistan.

Publisher: RSH Publishing House / Pages: 200


Gustakh Nigahi Ka Gila by Adeel Burki

Every singer is a poet at some corner of his heart and every poet also possess good sense about music. Adeel Barki is one such example who earned name as a singer but also proved himself as a good poet. He has written many poems about which lot of people were unaware. Recently, he compiled and published all his poems in a book. Most of his poems are love poems. Many of these poems are very old which represent that Adeel started writing poems in his very early age. Those who love reading poetry will surely enjoy this book.

Publisher: Nastalique Matboat / Pages: 208 / Price: Rs. 400


Zarb-e-Azb by Asad ullah Ghalib

Asad ullah Ghalib’s name is not new for the readers. He has been writing for Nawa-i-Qaqt newspaper from years. He keeps an expert view over socio-political issues. He has written extensively over Operation Zarb-e-Azb, being conducted by Pakistan Armed Forces against various militant groups, including the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). Recently, he compiled his articles about this army operation in a book titled ‘Zarb-e-Azb’. This book is about Pakistan Army’s battle with the terrorists and gives a detailed description of this operation. It is full of information about this ongoing army operation and about soldiers who are martyred during this war. It is a beautiful description how in a very short span of life this operation brought fruitful results and how our army is fighting to bring peace in the country. It also tells the stories of bravery of our army men. There are also some exclusive pictures of this operation. It is a wonderful and one of must read books.

Publisher: Ghalib Publisher / Pages: 320 / Price: Rs. 1500