LAHORE - Hinting at the possibilities of National Assembly Speaker’s ouster from NA-122, Election Commission former secretary Kanwar Dilshad has remarked that election tribunal can declare the NA-122 elections null and void if it finds sizeable number of invalid votes in result of the findings of the inspection of the disputed constituency.

In a chat with The Nation on Saturday, Kanwar Dilshad observed that it would have serious impact over electoral system of the country if results of a constituency were declared void or set aside and announced to hold re-elections.

He rejected the news that election commission had directed the election tribunals to initiate action against polling staff for not signing and stamping thousands of votes in NA-122. However, he said, the tribunal could recommend the names of officials who committed negligence in performing their duties to the authorities concerned to take action against them.

When asked about the claim of Ayaz Sadiq’s counsel that 23,000 votes were found invalid in the report of commission headed by retired judge Ghulam Hussain Awan and also that Imran Khan’s counsel had alleged that massive rigging was done in NA-122 as about 34,000 votes were found bogus, Dilshad said that it was the responsibility of the tribunal to decide validity and invalidity of votes cast in a constituency.

However, political parties should avoid from media trial of such sensitive matters, he added.