I was shocked when I learned that an officials of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs, working in the Consular section of the Embassy of Pakistan in Netherland Mr. Khair Muhammad was tortured and shouted at, to the extent that he had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized. The mistreatment did not stop there, his family was forced to evacuate the house they were provided. A letter from the Embassy told him that they would not pay for his hospital expenses, which they are duty bound to do. He was then told that he was going to be terminated, all this because as per his wife, he would not play ball with a corruption team, that was playing an expensive game in the visa section. This is how honest people are treated by our countrymen!

Can we compare this incident to how an Indian diplomat in New York, was defended by the India government, when she was charged for abusing her servant? This suggests that the prevailing mindset of our, corrupt to the core bureaucracy, that considers the non-commissioned officials as their private servants and treat them accordingly. I would like to request our PM, Foreign Minister, President and Chief Justice to look after this family and bring it back home horourably.


Islamabad, January 12.