Rawalpindi - Police under its ongoing drive against anti-social elements have arrested 24 lawbreakers, including 15 gamblers besides recovering 2,345 grams Charras, 18 liter wine, three pistols 30 bore with 11 rounds and fireworks items from the possession of the arrested accused.

According to Rawalpindi police spokesman, Bunni police netted Bakhat Zada for having 1210 grams Charras. Wah Cantt police held Riaz Hussain and recovered 615 grams Charras. Mundra police seized 520 grams charras from Tika Khan. Rattaamral police arrested Sajid with eight liter wine. Jatli police recovered 10 liter wine from the possession of Akhtar. Asif, Zumarad and Asim were sent behind the bars for keeping illegal weapons while Waris Khan police booked Adil Nawaz and recovered fireworks items.  Sadiqabad police conducted a raid in Chandni Chowk area and arrested 15 persons for allegedly involved in betting while playing cards.

Police recovered cash stake money amounting to Rs13,000, 11 mobile phones and other items from their possession.