LAHORE - PAT chief Dr Tahirul Qadri has said that his party will not rest till the responsible behind the Model Town killings are hanged to death.

Addressing the PAT workers and leaders via a video link from US, Dr Qadri added that no force could stop them from seeking justice for the innocent people killed by the government machinery. He claimed that rulers had links with banned and terrorists outfits. He also maintained that Pakistan Army and PAT were the only two forces which sincerely wanted end to terrorism and extremism in the country.

“We have not and will never accept these Joint Investigation Teams that were formed without our consensus and we can never think of betraying those who were killed in the incident,” he vowed.

The PAT chief added that revolution could not be brought until the masses come out of their homes. He said that the Punjab Assembly session continued for a month and not for a single minute did the members broached the issue of terrorism.

He said that 12 people were killed in France and their ruler bought the whole nation out on the streets. “Why not our PM gave a call for a million man march against terrorism when our children were killed in Peshawar?” he further asked. He said that PAT was the only political party that took out protest demonstrations in 60 cities of Pakistan against terrorism. On the occasion, PAT president Dr Raheeq Abbasi gave the rulers one month to accept their demands, otherwise the protests would be expanded to all over the country.

Several other leaders of PAT and its allies attended the rally outside Lahore Press Club which was held against the Model Town incident. The workers raised slogan against the government, rejecting the JIT. The workers sought justice for the blood of those killed in the Model Town incident.