Rawalpindi - Police launched investigation into a horrible incident took place in Malik Pur, a suburb of Gujar Khan, of stopping a first year student of government higher secondary school by two masked men and snatching his bag on gunpoint besides threatening him not to attend school or else he would be killed, reliable sources confided to The Nation here on Saturday. “The investigation was launched on the complaint of principal of the government-run school he placed before the police officials of Chowky Samot, controlled by the Police Station Kallar Syedan,” sources added.

They said the occurrence of incident in the locality sent a wave of panic among the education department, the students, administrations of various schools and law enforcement agencies in Gujar Khan circle with a heavy contingent of police rushed to the school and the house of children to investigate the matter.

The Punjab government has ordered administrations of government-run and private educational institutions to enhance security of institutions while deputing guards. Stopping a student, snatching his bag on gunpoint and threatening him of leaving the school exposed a security loop in Gujar Khan.

According to sources, Awais Ahmed (18) son of Akhmad Hussain alias Salis, a resident of Malik Pur of the Union Council Beval, left his house at 7:15am and was going to attend his 1st year class in the Government Boys Higher Secondary School, Samot. “Two unknown men riding on a motorcycle intercepted the student forcibly when he reached Jabbar Road,” sources said, adding the culprits started demanding the school bag from student.

Upon refusal, they said, one of the masked culprits took out his pistol and threatened him to give him the school bag or he would be shot.”

Sources said the gunman snatched bag from the student and threatened him to discontinue education and not to go school in future otherwise you would be killed. “After, snatching bag, the unknown culprits sped away towards Islam Pura,” they added. The student, however, went to school and brought the matter into the notice of his principal and teachers.

“Awais was seemed distressed and scared when entered my office. He told me that he was forcibly barred by two unknown gunmen, one of them wearing mask; snatched his bag on gunpoint and asked him not to go to school if he wanted to alive,” said Zafar Mehmood, Principal Government Higher Secondary School, Samot, when this scribe contacted him.

He informed that he lodged a written complaint with Police Chowky Samot whereas police also visited the school and questioned the student and teachers. Another teacher said that besides police, the school management also informed DO (Education) and Cluster Centre about the incident. Akhmad Hussain alias Salis, when approached, also confirmed the incident. He said that his son was forcibly stopped by two unknown culprits on gunpoint on Jabbar Road, the area of Police Station Gujar Khan and snatched his bag. He said the culprits also threatened to stay away from education or else he would be killed. He said that he phoned DSP Gujar Khan circle, informing him about the incident. He said that DSP sent a police team in his house who grilled his son and also met other people of the village.

On the other hand, the police officers, who were probing the matter, were not on same page and came up with different claims or unaware about the incident.

SHO Police Station Gujar Khan Arif Gondal, speaking to this scribe, termed the incident the outcome of personal clashes between Pakhtuns and the people of village. SHO Police Station Kallar Syedan Ishtiaq, when phoned, said that he was in meeting and had no knowledge about the incident.

SP Saddar Circle Sardar Dr Ghias, however, when contacted, expelled the impression that the student was stopped by any terrorist or culprit in a bid to make scare the educational institutions or wage war against education in the district. He said that two Pakhtuns, who knew the boy very well and also living in the village, stopped him and enticed him for immoral activity. “You cannot say it an attack of terrorists against education or students. The whole Gujar Khan locality has been purged of anti-social elements,” he said. EDO Education Qazi Zahoor ul Haq was not available for his comments.