Rawalpindi - An unknown woman left an infant on the stairs of a mosque located at Dhama Syedan, the area of Police Station Saddar Bairooni, sources informed The Nation here on Saturday. Sources said that the locals wrapped the one-day infant in blanket and called police which shifted the baby to hospital.

According to sources, an unknown woman left an infant aged one-day on the stairs of Jamia Masjid Al Rehman in Dhama Syedan and disappeared.  The cries of infant caught the attention of a passerby who immediately informed the other people. Within no time, the locals gathered and packed the baby in blanket to keep him safe from chilly weather. A police team arrived on calling and took the baby into custody. “Later, the baby was shifted to hospital by police,” sources said. Police filed the incident in daily crime register and started searching the woman who left the baby on the stairs of mosque.