SUKKUR - Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister on Religious Affairs Abdul Qayyum Soomro announced yesterday that Friday sermons will be provided to the mosques throughout Sindh from Religious Affairs Ministry to deal with extremism and sectarianism.

However, religious scholars have declared the suggestion impractical, a private television channel reported. Holding a press conference in Sukkur, Soomro informed the media about the details of the formula and said that discussions with the federal government in this regard were going on for the last three months. Soomro said that legislation will be done soon in this regard and the sermons will be prepared by a board comprising religious scholars from all schools of thought. Jamia Banauria scholar Mufti Naeem said he was wondered how the formula would work. Renowned religious scholar Haji Hanif Tayyab declared the suggestion completely impractical. Scholars opined that mere suggestions without practical steps were not enough to curb sectarianism.