The Nuclear program of any state is the most secure and safe asset so as of Pakistan & several international organizations have already shown trust in command and control system that makes Pakistan significant among all the nuclear states of the world. Tactical nuclear weapons of Pakistan provide a protective shield to our geographical borders and also to maintain a credible minimum deterrence in the region that helps to avoid any kind of low or high intensity conflict. Short range tactical nuclear weapons were made to counter the cold start doctrine of India which was pushing both rivalry states towards any kind of conflict at strategic level which could have been disastrous. It’s the only nuclear program of Pakistan which is maintaining a balance in the region and keeping both states away from war.

Now a days there has been a debate in the international media about the tactical nuclear weapons of Pakistan, Media is trying its best to make the nuclear program controversial as Pakistan has an important geographical value. Tactical nuclear weapons which were made to secure our borders from any kind of external threat has been much into media discussion and USA’s backing to such media discussion is totally irrelevant as Pakistan’s Nuclear program is Indian centric and it’s for the defense purpose only. Pakistan has been facing many issues at many fronts like terrorism in the main focus which has given a big loss to our economy has questioned our reputation at international. Somehow we have managed to counter all kinds of terrorism which are being spread by India but we have to do a lot more on this and this media campaign against the nuclear program of Pakistan and especially against the tactical nuclear weapons is nothing but a part of the game plan which aims to denuclearize Pakistan.

Among nuclear states almost all have the tactical nuclear weapons which are aimed to secure the borders from threats, then why it’s only Pakistan which is being targeted for having TNWs. USA has never fought any kind of war at their home land which shows the absence of threat still the acquired the TNWs then why can’t Pakistan? Quoting the example of Japan where USA showed its power but demolishing the two cities in 1945 and that act also gave birth to the cold war between two super powers the then USSR and USA. If we go through the historical pages it’s the western world which always destabilizes the world peace and now a days perception building is also used as a tool to get the opinion in the favor to achieve certain goals. The timing of such media stories have direct impact on the visit of PM Nawaz to US where he will meet the POTUS and also the high command of different institutions. Pakistan may not be much stable as compared to other nuclear states but it surely has a strong command and control system to keep nuclear program safe.


Islamabad, December 8.