ISLAMABAD -  The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) Wednesday declared that the term ‘Black Friday’ should be renamed as ‘Blessed Friday’ and there was no harm in providing commodities to consumers on cheaper prices and discounted rates on the Day.

Chairman CII Dr Qibla Ayaz told reporters that the CII had discussed the core meaning of the term 'Black Friday' and look at it from an Islamic point of view.

The term Black Friday has come under much criticism from religious quarters as various brands and stores began offering massive Black Friday discounts in keeping with retail and consumer trends in the United States. CII observed that Islam encourages giving discounts to consumers however the word Black should be replaced with Blessed. Thus discounts should be continued as it benefits the people.

He said there shouldn’t be any free Haj and the CII had recommended to organise extensive training courses for intending pilgrims. There should be master trainers, who should train the intending pilgrims on voluntary basis to help them performing the sacred religious ceremony in accordance with Islamic teachings.

He said CII had decided to work on a project to research and prepare report regarding protests and blockade of the roads in light of Islamic teachings.

The CII also debated draft Transgender Bill 2017 to provide members of the transgender community more rights. CII stressed re drafting and making the draft Bill more comprehensive. The court should decide inheritance issues of transgender. Punishments written Pakistan Penal Code should also be applied on transgender.

The CII appreciated the joint declaration of Paigham-e-Pakistan announced last night at Aiwan-e-Sadr, he said adding CII also condemned Kasur incident and decided to conduct comprehensive research on all aspects of the incident and prepare a report.

The Constitution Amendment Bill 2017 which looks to make changes to the oath taken by non-Muslims when being sworn in to office also discussed in the meeting. CII recommended that the oath taking of non Muslim is essential; however, there should be a sub proviso in the Bill giving choice to non Muslim to take the oath as per their respective belief.

CII would soon hold a symposium titled Gender, Society and contemporary Sharia. Research papers regarding rights of women, men, children and transgender would be presented in the symposium.